• Highest-Quality Tattoo Machines, Parts & Supplies

    Keeping up the tradition of old school tattooers and machine builders like Doc King, Paul Rogers and Amund Dietzel, all of our machines and parts are made in the USA with USA materials.

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  • Ahren's machines are proof that the craft in tattooing isn't lost.

    Backed with decades of knowledge, his machines will keep you working til the end!

    Tom Strom

  • I use Ahren's machines everyday, they make my job easy!

    Jason Brooks

  • I have been using the same Paul Rogers machines for over 2 decades. Being a creature of habit, it is hard to separate myself from my beloved irons. Ahren's liner is one of the few that gets to share time with my Prefabs. Built solid, straight and true. I use them often and highly recommend them.

    Shahn Anderson

  • I first bought Ahren's machines about 3-4 years ago now, I had bought a liner first. I can't describe the machine but it worked like no other machine I'd used before. I immediately had to get a shader... same thing. Through the whole process of getting the machine, using it and ordering another machine was flawless. Ahren was super cool, straight forward, no bullshit which is very very rare these days. These machines will teach you how to tattoo, they force you to. There is no messing around.
    Also the price is unbeatable. He puts his price point at what he feels is reasonable. Hes not trying to rip you off by giving you a half assed product with his name stamped on the side. Hes the real deal.
    He is also a "builder", not an assembler. He is putting his time in and making the best product he can. Each machine I've gotten from him has been outstanding. I believe I have 12 now.... The best part is he's only an hour and a half up the road from me, and hes a solid dude. What more could you ask for!?

    Zach Stuka